Sonny Gray Fields Liner Off First Base For The Easy Out

Here's a fun thing that happened in yesterday's Mariners-A's game that I don't think I've ever seen before. Kyle Seager lashed a Sonny Gray pitch down the first-base line, only to see his would-be double carom off the base and right into Gray's glove, who was jogging over to cover first on his way to what became an… » 4/07/14 11:50am 4/07/14 11:50am

Mariners Will Travel 51,540 Miles In 2014, Circle Earth Twice

Over at Baseball Savant, Daren Willman has put together a neat interactive chart that lets you explore how far each team will travel on the road in 2014. The Mariners—who are around 700 miles away from any other baseball team—will travel the farthest total distance at 51,540 miles. That's more than double the… » 3/28/14 2:01pm 3/28/14 2:01pm

The Mariners Tried To Screw Randy Wolf, So He Walked Away

Veteran starter Randy Wolf asked for and received his release from the Mariners yesterday, the same day he was informed he would make the team's rotation. At issue was a little-known but increasingly used quirk of the CBA, a waiver that makes a guaranteed contract anything but. Seattle tried to spring it on Wolf at the … » 3/26/14 12:40pm 3/26/14 12:40pm

Edgar Martinez Murdered Baseballs Forever

Having purchased a Hall of Fame ballot, which we'll be filling out in accordance with the wishes of our readers, we're examining the merits—and relative lack of merits—of all 36 players on this year's ballot for the purposes of better informing the electorate, i.e., you. All entries in the series can be found here. » 12/18/13 5:43pm 12/18/13 5:43pm

The Mariners' Front Office Sounds Like A Total Shitshow

It seemed a little odd when Eric Wedge stepped away from the Seattle Mariners after his contract ran out. No extension, no firing. Wedge and the team simply parted ways. After the Seattle Times published an article Saturday in which Wedge criticized three of his old bosses, however, the breakup made more sense. » 12/08/13 12:00pm 12/08/13 12:00pm

Robinson Cano Gets $240 Million From Mariners, Surprises Everyone

Well, that wasn't supposed to happen. After just about every baseball writer working had written off the Seattle Mariners' chances of landing Robinson Cano, news broke this morning that the Mariners had scooped up the prize of the 2013 free agent class with a 10-year, $240 million deal. Based on my calculations, that… » 12/06/13 12:08pm 12/06/13 12:08pm

Reports: Mariners Break Off Talks With Robinson Cano

For all the talk about Jay Z's foray into the sports agent world, he hasn't been much more than a figurehead. But yesterday, for the first time I can remember, he actually took part in a negotiating session, a meeting with the Mariners on behalf of Robinson Cano. It seems to have gone poorly. » 12/06/13 9:17am 12/06/13 9:17am

Felix Hernandez's Wife Victim Of Wire Fraud; Fellow M's Wife Charged

Maria Peguero, the wife of Mariners outfielder Carlos Peguero, is accused of using Felix Hernandez's wife's debit card to rack up nearly $180,000 in online charges. Peguero allegedly used Sandra Hernandez's card to make over 60 purchases from Sak's Fifth Avenue between June and October 2012. She faces federal… » 10/19/13 6:24pm 10/19/13 6:24pm

Hiroshi Yamauchi, The Mariners' Invisible Owner, Is Dead

Hiroshi Yamauchi, the longtime president of Nintendo who owned a majority stake in the Seattle Mariners but famously never watched them play in person, is dead. He was 85. Read Kotaku's obit below. Here, from 1992, is quite possibly the only Mariners-related interview Yamauchi ever granted to a member of the Seattle… » 9/19/13 9:26am 9/19/13 9:26am

Mariners Players Pay Tribute To Ken Griffey Jr. In Perfect Fashion

So this is awesome. On Saturday, the Seattle Mariners inducted legendary center fielder Ken Griffey Jr. into the team's hall of fame. During the hour-long ceremony (you can watch the whole thing here), all of the current Mariners stood at the top step of the dugout, and honored Griffey Jr. by wearing their hats… » 8/12/13 11:35am 8/12/13 11:35am