Michael Bennett Crashes Postgame Interview To Demand Kam Chancellor Be Paid

Since returning from his holdout, Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor hasn’t done anything but lead an outright destruction of the Chicago Bears and save his teammates’ asses with one of the more brilliant individual efforts you’ll ever see on a defensive play. In other words, it’s been a good two weeks for Chancellor, and… »10/06/15 11:18amTuesday 11:18am

Seahawks Beat Lions After Referees Miss Easy Illegal Batting Call

Down 13-10 with just under two minutes left against the Seahawks Monday night, Detroit quarterback Matthew Stafford dropped back from the Seattle 11 and found an open Calvin Johnson. As Johnson was tackled with the ball about to cross the plane of the end zone, Kam Chancellor popped it out of Megatron’s hand. The ball… »10/06/15 12:17amTuesday 12:17am

Pete Carroll Says The Refs Blew That Big Fumble Call

Midway through the fourth quarter, with Seattle down seven and driving, Russell Wilson was picked off by Jayrone Elliott on an attempted screen pass. But Elliott coughed up the ball, and after the pile-on was cleared, Seahawks tackle Justin Britt came up with it. Packers ball, the officials said. Carroll would love to… »9/21/15 10:42am9/21/15 10:42am

Aaron Rodgers Makes Fun Of Russell Wilson By Crediting God For The Packers' Win

After the Packers’ 27-17 win over the Seahawks last night, Aaron Rodgers gave the credit to God. Which wouldn’t be a thing, normally: athletes do that all the time. Except Rodgers is already on record as believing God doesn’t care about Packers-Seahawks games. This was a shot at Russell Wilson. »9/21/15 8:58am9/21/15 8:58am

Seahawks Coaches Don't Mind Marshawn Lynch's Mom Calling For Darrell Bevell's Job

The Seahawks’ predilection for theatrics generally works well for them—they’re winning, after all, and nothing can be too deleterious when you win. Which is why, if you’re a fan of drama, this team is going to be fun when it starts losing. The lighthearted controversies will turn histrionic, and there will be a lot of… »9/17/15 9:20am9/17/15 9:20am

Frank Clark Keeps Punching People And This Time It's Philip Rivers

San Diego Chargers players are mad at Seattle Seahawks rookie Frank Clark today, after he punched Philip Rivers in a scrum during last night’s preseason game in San Diego. As you can see, Rivers holds onto Clark after the play, which looks like it angered him. King Dunlap emphatically pulled Clark off of Rivers, which… »8/30/15 2:54pm8/30/15 2:54pm

Russell Wilson Wants To Clarify What His Scam Water Can Do For Concussions

Russell “Nanobubbles” Wilson said his magical miracle fraud water helped him get over a blow to the head in the NFC Title game, what he really meant was that the stuff is so puissant, it actually stopped him from getting a concussion in the first place. Oh, that’s much more believable.… »8/28/15 8:50am8/28/15 8:50am

Seahawks OC Says He'd Call The Super Bowl's Final Play All Over Again

Because the NFL no longer goes away in the offseason, the Super Bowl feels like forever ago. But, nearly seven months on, the last meaningful play still sticks firmly in the craw of the Seahawks, who by all rights ought to be two-time reigning champs. Offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell, who called the play that some… »8/20/15 9:14am8/20/15 9:14am

Report: Marshawn Lynch's Biopic Won't Be Released Because It's So Bad

The internet was treated in February to roughly four minutes of sloppily edited footage featuring Marshawn Lynch for what appeared to be a biopic based on the Seahawks running back. (Watch it here.) Those four minutes are apparently all the public will get, because Family First is reportedly never seeing the light of… »7/07/15 3:00pm7/07/15 3:00pm