Drew Stanton Danced And Carson Palmer Told The Crowd To Suck It

While a new piece of Peyton Manning falls onto the field every week, another aging quarterback with an injury history is having his Kurt Warner period. Carson Palmer didn’t have the cleanest game Sunday against the Seahawks—with two of his three turnovers resulting in touchdowns—but he did come away with the win, and… »11/16/15 1:55pm11/16/15 1:55pm

Russell Wilson And Ciara Channel Supposed Sexual Frustration Into Costume Party

R&B singer Ciara’s 30th birthday was Sunday, and to celebrate, her boyfriend Russell Wilson threw her a party. The couple dressed up as Catwoman and Batman, and Wilson strengthened the theory that it’s incredibly difficult to not look like a dork in a full Batman costume. (Sure, you feel cool, and that’s all that… »10/26/15 12:35pm10/26/15 12:35pm

TMZ: Fred Jackson Revved Engine At Another Car, Raced Down One-Mile Stretch

Yesterday TMZ reported that Seattle Seahawks running back Fred Jackson got into an accident outside of the team’s practice facility while “drag racing” with teammate Marshawn Lynch. While no one disputes Jackson crashed his car into a stop sign, he says he wasn’t racing, and the Renton (Wash.) police say there is no… »10/21/15 6:57pm10/21/15 6:57pm

Report: Fred Jackson Crashes Sports Car While Racing Marshawn Lynch (UPDATES)

According to TMZ, Seattle Seahawks running back Fred Jackson crashed his Corvette into a planter box while drag racing teammate Marshawn Lynch outside of the team’s Renton (Wash.) practice facility. TMZ reports that Jackson and Lynch were racing down a straight public road when the accident happened, and Seahawks… »10/20/15 9:03pm10/20/15 9:03pm

Some Joker Woke Up The Carolina Panthers With The Hotel Fire Alarm

The Panthers are in Seattle today, putting their undefeated record to the test against the Seahawks. Seattle is struggling due to a menagerie of little problems (Marshawn Lynch’s health, late-game execution, an unhappy Jimmy Graham) and they need to start winning soon to push the somehow 4-1 Arizona Cardinals.… »10/18/15 11:41am10/18/15 11:41am

Michael Bennett Crashes Postgame Interview To Demand Kam Chancellor Be Paid

Since returning from his holdout, Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor hasn’t done anything but lead an outright destruction of the Chicago Bears and save his teammates’ asses with one of the more brilliant individual efforts you’ll ever see on a defensive play. In other words, it’s been a good two weeks for Chancellor, and… »10/06/15 11:18am10/06/15 11:18am

Seahawks Beat Lions After Referees Miss Easy Illegal Batting Call

Down 13-10 with just under two minutes left against the Seahawks Monday night, Detroit quarterback Matthew Stafford dropped back from the Seattle 11 and found an open Calvin Johnson. As Johnson was tackled with the ball about to cross the plane of the end zone, Kam Chancellor popped it out of Megatron’s hand. The ball… »10/06/15 12:17am10/06/15 12:17am

Pete Carroll Says The Refs Blew That Big Fumble Call

Midway through the fourth quarter, with Seattle down seven and driving, Russell Wilson was picked off by Jayrone Elliott on an attempted screen pass. But Elliott coughed up the ball, and after the pile-on was cleared, Seahawks tackle Justin Britt came up with it. Packers ball, the officials said. Carroll would love to… »9/21/15 10:42am9/21/15 10:42am

Aaron Rodgers Makes Fun Of Russell Wilson By Crediting God For The Packers' Win

After the Packers’ 27-17 win over the Seahawks last night, Aaron Rodgers gave the credit to God. Which wouldn’t be a thing, normally: athletes do that all the time. Except Rodgers is already on record as believing God doesn’t care about Packers-Seahawks games. This was a shot at Russell Wilson. »9/21/15 8:58am9/21/15 8:58am

Seahawks Coaches Don't Mind Marshawn Lynch's Mom Calling For Darrell Bevell's Job

The Seahawks’ predilection for theatrics generally works well for them—they’re winning, after all, and nothing can be too deleterious when you win. Which is why, if you’re a fan of drama, this team is going to be fun when it starts losing. The lighthearted controversies will turn histrionic, and there will be a lot of… »9/17/15 9:20am9/17/15 9:20am