The Second Mile Took No Action After Being Informed Of Sandusky's 2001 Shower Incident

In a statement in November, the Second Mile attempted to address what they had known about Jerry Sandusky and when they had known it. Executive director Jack Raykovitz said he was informed only that an unidentified individual reported being "uncomfortable about seeing Jerry Sandusky in the locker room shower with a… »7/12/12 11:40am7/12/12 11:40am


Other Non-Profit Groups Want Nothing To Do With Jerry Sandusky's Charity

It's no secret that The Second Mile, the charitable organization Jerry Sandusky founded in the 1970s for at-risk children, is in trouble. In November, shortly after the child sex abuse allegations against Sandusky surfaced, Jack Raykovitz, the organization's CEO, resigned. Shortly thereafter, Raykovitz's replacement,… »1/04/12 1:25pm1/04/12 1:25pm

Board Members At Jerry Sandusky's Charity Say They Were Never Told About 2002 Alleged Shower Rape

Soon-to-be-fired Penn State athletic director Tim Curley may have told Second Mile CEO Jack Raykovitz about Jerry Sandusky's "inappropriate conduct" in 2002. But Raykovitz didn't tell anyone else, according to Second Mile board members: "Not one thing was said to us," said Bradley P. Lunsford, a Centre County judge… »12/19/11 11:30am12/19/11 11:30am

Penn State Recently Bought Four .XXX Domain Names, Should Have Bought More

Visionaries at Penn State snatched up four .xxx domain names for the school this September, according to The Daily Collegian. New .xxx URLs go on sale to the public next week, but trademark owners like PSU got a chance to lock down their porn names early so as to prevent any scuzzing up of their brands. Wouldn't want… »12/01/11 12:20pm12/01/11 12:20pm