Here's Another Cool Scorecard From Game 6

Perhaps World Series Game 6 has faded from your mind, as the series ended Friday night with not a bang but a whimper. But you should recall, in any case, that Game Six was pretty fucking cool. We posted New Yorker writer Roger Angell's scorecard and asked Deadspin readers for theirs. This one comes from Baseball… » 10/31/11 3:25pm 10/31/11 3:25pm

Texas Pumpkins Accused Of Racism Over Ron Washington Blackface Costumes

Two Dallas-area pumpkins have caused a stir over their costume choices for local Halloween contests. The pumpkins, one from Irving-based 21st Century Dental (left) and the other a part of the Dawson & Sodd law firm in Corsicana (right), showed up to a statewide "pumpkin contest" dressed in the offending attire. One… » 10/28/11 4:15pm 10/28/11 4:15pm

This Is All That Was Left Of David Freese's Jersey After His Bobbysoxer …

The Cardinals mobbed Freese in that familiar way as he reached home plate. But, beginning at the 2:23 mark of this video, they also tore his jersey to shreds like those squealing girls whose GI boyfriends were overseas in World War II used to do to Sinatra. The Hall of Fame is taking the torn remnants, plus Freese's… » 10/28/11 12:25pm 10/28/11 12:25pm

The Texas Rangers Are Not World Champions, Possibly Thanks To FOX…

KDFW, the FOX affiliate in Dallas, sent out this text alert sometime after Josh Hamilton's 10th inning home run in the middle of the 9th—one of the multiple stretches it seemed like the Rangers had the game in hand. But there are no such things as jinxes; only depleted bullpens, questionable intentional walks,… » 10/28/11 1:25am 10/28/11 1:25am

Here's Mike Napoli's Grotesque Ankle Injury, Slowed Down To A Ridiculous …

A fourth-inning mishap Thursday night found Texas Rangers catcher Mike Napoli's ankle—and the viewing audience's stomach—turned. So here it is, in super-slow-mo and set to The Mountain Goats' "Orange Ball Of Pain" in the first of what I'll unimaginatively call "Deadspin Videos." (They were previously done here and here.… » 10/27/11 9:56pm 10/27/11 9:56pm