Fans, Media Recruited (And Manipulated) In Fight Over Televised Sports…

Some media outlets want you to rage against a new lobbying organization that claims to represent sports fans, but is actually a front for satellite companies looking to destroy cable TV sports. But who is really manipulating who here? » 10/23/09 2:00pm 10/23/09 2:00pm

Matt Millen Is The New Richard Nixon

Sports Illustrated has just published—courtesy of writer Don Banks—one of the most head-scratchingly bonkers essays of all-time, wherein Banks compares Matt Millen to Richard Nixon ... and somehow thinks that a compliment. » 6/18/09 3:48pm 6/18/09 3:48pm

Brad Childress Is Full Of Crap

Brad Childress came out of hiding today to complain about all those unscrupulous reporters and their unnamed sources who make up lies about Brad Childress and create nothing but trouble. Trouble he could end in two seconds if he'd just pick up the phone. » 6/10/09 1:00pm 6/10/09 1:00pm