Please Don’t Post Open-Casket Photos On Facebook

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More Cops Should Smoke Weed

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Danny Green Is Sorry About The Bad Caption On His Holocaust Selfie

Since the San Antonio Spurs are in Berlin to play an exhibition game against Alba Berlin, Danny Green used his free time to explore. He went to the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin and took a photo, which is fine. It's not like he's smiling in it. But the caption—"You know I had to do it one time lol #Holocaust"—was a bad… » 10/08/14 11:55am 10/08/14 11:55am

NASCAR Race Goes Yellow Due To Idiot On The Catch Fence

Tonight's NASCAR Sprint Cup race at Richmond went under caution with 70 laps remaining after an idiot Idiot climbed the catch fence to, according to bystanders, take a selfie. ESPN's broadcast didn't want to say much about what happened, so here is some video. » 9/06/14 10:23pm 9/06/14 10:23pm

Fans Rush Pitch, Get Selfie With Mario Balotelli

Two fans rushed the pitch in the 90th minute of A.C. Milan's 5-1 friendly loss to Manchester City at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh. The Idiots on the Pitch wanted to get a selfie with Mario Balotelli and Mario obliged. » 7/27/14 6:37pm 7/27/14 6:37pm

Idiot On The Field Evades Police, Gets Gerardo Parra Selfie

It was only a matter of time before these things started becoming regular. Here's your latest Idiot On The Field to use the opportunity for selfie-taking, tonight in Phoenix. » 7/19/14 1:04am 7/19/14 1:04am

Moron Takes Selfie With Carlsbad Wildfire

It's been a bad week for idiots and selfies, so here's a guy in San Diego grabbing a selfie with a wildfire—one that's forced tens of thousands of evacuations. » 5/14/14 3:38pm 5/14/14 3:38pm

Terrible Dude Takes Selfie With Collapsed Cyclist

David McCarthy is a junior cyclist who learned a valuable lesson while attending the Giro d'Italia in Dublin: snapping a selfie with an exhausted cyclist who just collapsed to the ground in agony is a not-cool thing to do. » 5/13/14 4:23pm 5/13/14 4:23pm

March Madness Means Crowd-Surfing College President Selfies

» 3/22/14 11:06pm 3/22/14 11:06pm

College Baseball Team To Wear Jerseys Made Out Of Selfies

There are stupid novelty jerseys, and there are novelty jerseys that you can only assume sprung forth from the darkest corner of the collective unconscious of every social media manager and marketing director in the country. This novelty jersey is one of the latter. » 3/12/14 11:19am 3/12/14 11:19am

Would You Rather Have A Celebrity Autograph Or A Celebrity Selfie?

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"Selfie Olympics" is the First Meme of 2014

We can finally declare the first meme of the year: Selfie Olympics aka extreme selfies aka #And1SelfieLeague, in which kids take increasingly absurd bathroom selfies. If you're anti-selfie culture, avert your eyes. » 1/05/14 11:59am 1/05/14 11:59am

Concerned Mom: Slutty Girls' Selfies Are Tempting My Perfect Sons

Kimberly Hall, Director of Women’s Ministry at a Presbyterian Church in Texas, has a message for teenage girls who take bedtime selfies in their pajamas: stop luring her teenage sons into sin. Why would you devil harlots want to control the Hall boys' minds? Are you whores and witches? She outlines her urgent plea in… » 9/04/13 2:15pm 9/04/13 2:15pm

Rays Reporter Captures Moment Of Her Near-Death With A Selfie

This is Kelly Nash, who covers the Rays for Fox Sports Florida, taking a photo of herself at the exact moment that a baseball went whizzing by her head. This is perhaps the greatest selfie ever taken. » 4/29/13 10:44am 4/29/13 10:44am