The Grizzlies Are About To Grizz Past The OKC Kevin Durants

Oklahoma City is looking suspiciously like a team that is going to lose a second-round series. Kevin Durant posted 25 points, 11 rebounds, 5 assists and 3 steals, while Serge Ibaka chipped in 13 points, 10 boards and 4 blocks. And still Memphis ground out an 87-81 win for a 2-1 series lead on an afternoon when both… » 5/11/13 8:18pm 5/11/13 8:18pm

Kobe Bryant Told Serge Ibaka His Nutshot On Blake Griffin Was "Hogshit"

Serge Ibaka's karate chop on Blake Griffin's junk earned him a healthy fine and criticism from some of the NBA's elite—including Kobe Bryant, who said if the Thunder star tried the trick on him, he'd respond with a smack in the mouth. » 3/06/13 5:40pm 3/06/13 5:40pm

OKC Thunder Forward Serge Ibaka Just Karate Chopped Blake Griffin In…

C'mon, son. Somehow, Ibaka was only charged with a flagrant 1 foul and didn't get ejected, and he actually converted a huge three-point play and block down the stretch to help the Thunder fight off a late surge from the LA Clippers, 108-104. It remains to be seen whether he'll get fined or suspended or deported. Metta … » 3/03/13 6:36pm 3/03/13 6:36pm

ESPN's Bio For Serge Ibaka Does Not Know Which African Country He's From

Serge Ibaka is great! He had a triple-double (14 points, 15 rebounds, 11 blocks) last night in the Thunder's 124-118 overtime win over the Nuggets. But the Worldwide Leader, reader Morgan writes in, is shortchanging Ibaka's around-the-world origin. » 2/20/12 12:20pm 2/20/12 12:20pm