NFL Playoff Scenarios And Tiebreaks, So You Can Be Sure You're Ignoring The Right Games

Week 17 is always an odd melange of completely unwatchable misery between mathematically eliminated teams, stop and start contests between teams that can't remember if they're playing for something, and impossibly intense games between teams that are fighting to see another day. Here are the likely playoff scenarios… »12/30/12 10:10am12/30/12 10:10am

This Man Will Pay You To Teach Him About Football, Because He Lied To Impress A Woman

So, yes, humorous Craigslist postings are usually fake. But on the off-chance this one's not, and because it's funny enough to deserve it, read the tale of one sad Brooklynite who took to Craigslist to find a football tutor. He needs a crash course in what it's like to be a quarterback, and his very relationship may… »1/26/12 3:05pm1/26/12 3:05pm

When Should You Teabag Someone? A Flowchart Explains

An important social issue has arisen from the debate around the New Orleans teabag incident last weekend: When is it OK to teabag someone who has not specifically asked to be teabagged by you? Sometimes, police call that kind of thing sexual battery, but police terms can be confusing! To help settle the uncertainty,… »1/19/12 6:05pm1/19/12 6:05pm

The Officeworker’s Viewing Guide To The U.S. Open

There is no excuse for anyone to miss a single serve of tennis or a single Sasha Vujacic hair toss at the U.S. Open this year, unless he or she is employed, disinterested, or has basic life responsibilities that might keep one from watching every hour of a two-week long sporting event. But! Just in case you're going… »8/29/11 10:45am8/29/11 10:45am