Seth Davis Is Still Promoting His Mom's Hoax Cancer Cures

During BYU-Ole Miss, you might have been perplexed by this tweet from Sports Illustrated writer and CBS Sports analyst Seth Davis, after Cougar guard Chase Fisher did something good. » 3/18/15 3:22pm 3/18/15 3:22pm

Seth Davis Promotes His Mom's Hoax Cancer Cures

There have never been more options for those convinced that the medical establishment is hiding secrets from them. Look at the Google ads running down the sidebar of just about any website you visit, and you're almost certain to see ads about "natural" cures—gluten-free diets and alkaline water, superfoods and… » 2/19/15 1:49pm 2/19/15 1:49pm

Still Filling Out Your NCAA Tournament Bracket? Consult Our Handy…

Presenting your 2013 NCAA Tournament Metabracket. Click the annotations to see which teams Nate Silver, Joe Lunardi, Seth Davis, Barack Obama, Matt Norlander, Jay Bilas, and Luke Winn picked to advance through each round. (Click the "Next" button in the lower right corner to see the Sweet 16 and onward.) » 3/20/13 7:53pm 3/20/13 7:53pm

Grading The Pundits' Brackets: Jay Bilas And Barack Obama Will Make You…

With the first two rounds of March Madness complete, let's see how the pundits fared with their brackets. We scored pundits from ESPN, Yahoo, Sports Illustrated, and CBS Sports, throwing in President Obama, LeBron James, and Nick Lachey for good fun (all three made their brackets available on ESPN). » 3/19/12 1:25pm 3/19/12 1:25pm

Seth Davis Was On HBO's Real Sex 15 Years Ago

Back in May, we got a tip from a reader named Alex who, bored one night, found himself watching a rerun of HBO's Real Sex with some friends. If you're unfamiliar, Real Sex is one of the many proto-reality TV artifacts from the 1990s in which people wearing flannel shirts talked openly about penises. (This was the… » 12/16/11 1:37pm 12/16/11 1:37pm