College Basketball Players Should Feel "Blessed" to Play For Free, Says Child of Immense Privilege

Seth Davis is the lead college basketball writer for Sports Illustrated and part of the panel of suits that talks out of your television before, during, and after March Madness games. He’s also the son of Lanny Davis, a Washington ghoul nonpareil, whose allegiance has always been available to the highest bidder. Those…


Grading The Pundits' Brackets: Jay Bilas And Barack Obama Will Make You Money, Seth Davis And LeBron James Will Lose It

With the first two rounds of March Madness complete, let's see how the pundits fared with their brackets. We scored pundits from ESPN, Yahoo, Sports Illustrated, and CBS Sports, throwing in President Obama, LeBron James, and Nick Lachey for good fun (all three made their brackets available on ESPN).