Everything You Need to Have Seen From Last Night's Emmys

Did you watch the Emmys last night? No? Good for you! They were kind of boring. And weird. Breaking Bad cleaned up for its final season and most of the shows you wanted to win (Game of Thrones, Orange is the New Black, True Detective) were shut out. Here's everything you missed: » 8/26/14 2:38am 8/26/14 2:38am

Rejoice: ESPYs Ratings Hit Their Lowest Point In Sixteen Years

We wrote this morning about the brewing anti-ESPN revolution the "Free Bruce" campaign exposed. No longer was ESPN everyone's mostly benevolent overlord—now it was the Soviet Central Committee, purging ne'er-do-well reporters wherever they might pop up. » 7/16/11 5:00pm 7/16/11 5:00pm

Awaiting the ESPYs, But (Still) Missing Norm MacDonald

It's the Wednesday after the MLB All-Star Game, which means if the Triple-A All-Star Game isn't your bag, your only other "sports" programming option for the evening is the ESPYs. Seth Meyers is hosting, but don't count on the gags to be nearly as subversive as some at the WWL will have you believe. Besides, nothing… » 7/13/11 8:30pm 7/13/11 8:30pm

The Seth Meyers-Lynn Hoppes Pre-ESPYs Bro-Down Skewers ESPN

Last we checked in on Page 2's Lynn Hoppes, he was breathlessly name-dropping third-tier celebrities, en route to this whole thing. (Of note: ESPN has since pulled the offending Hoppes video from its YouTube account. Did Brock Lesnar's attorneys complain?) Hoppes is ESPN's expert in the macho-tinged puff piece, and… » 7/13/11 3:40pm 7/13/11 3:40pm