The Search for the Next Eating Ass


2014 broke the baseball metaphor. It used to be that you knew what it meant to go all the way, but as eating ass increasingly embeds its face in the crack of popular discourse, it seems that we’re looking back at the days of celebrating home runs. Who cares about fourth base now when the spectators in the stands are… »7/10/15 11:18am7/10/15 11:18am

Holding Your Own: How to Alter Your Masturbation Routine for Better Sex

Masturbation is loads of fun, but when it starts hindering your sex life, it’s time to switch it up. If you’re having erectile difficulties, early ejaculation issues, or problems orgasming at all, here are some simple ways to tweak your masturbation habits and fix your performance issues.
»6/19/15 6:10pm6/19/15 6:10pm

Poll: Would You Have Sex With This Talking Sex Robot?

Sex is better when both people are having a good time, even when one of those people is a robot. So the next logical step there is that someone is building a sentient sex robot. Okay! It’s the future, and you’re now faced with a question: Would you do it with this hot bot? There are many possible answers, but only one… »6/12/15 1:30pm6/12/15 1:30pm

How to Become a Cunnilingus Master

Cunnilingus has an undeserved reputation of being one of the trickiest sexual acts to perform well. I think this characterization is grounded in cultural judgments of women’s genitals as being “complicated” and “mysterious”. Let’s lay this unfair reputation to rest with some straightforward advice on performing some… »6/11/15 11:16am6/11/15 11:16am

Threesomes Are Fun (If You Do Them Right)

In the pantheon of sexual fantasies blissful to imagine but volatile to undertake, threesomes are near the top of the list. It might seem like a ménage à trois should be an easy sell: more hands! More mouths! More genitals! More fun! Yet such logic evades the emotional brains driving our hot-sex-machine bodies. As… »6/04/15 1:21pm6/04/15 1:21pm

Match the Ridiculous Groupie Sex Story to the Famous Musician

What follows is baseless gossip and may also sear your eyeballs, but we’re going to share it nonetheless. Over on Reddit, women are swapping stories about famous musicians they’ve supposedly slept with. Rather than just giving you the highlights, let’s make this a game: match the story with the famous person it’s… »4/13/15 6:41pm4/13/15 6:41pm

Is It Selfish For a Woman to Declare That She's Done with Blowjobs?

A woman has taken a very public stand online against performing oral sex on the penis, deeming the organ admirably practical and sleek in design, but justnot for her. This bold declaration comes on the heels of years of being denied oral sex by men who were perfectly content to get theirs, while refusing to give in… »3/28/15 5:20pm3/28/15 5:20pm