Why Can Men Be Such Jerks to Women Online?


Right now, I must confess, I'm feeling queasy about my stash of Sarah Palin porn. I was collecting it with a mind to write an article about it, I swear. I thought it was funny and revealing that the Great American Subconscious was percolating up Photoshopped images of Palin getting fucked by Barack Obama's giant… »1/16/14 2:01pm1/16/14 2:01pm

How This Sex Blogger Lost Her Job, Hit Bottom, Then Bounced Back


When it comes to sex, we're always afraid the worst is going to happen. Last week we looked at new research linking a taste for sexual adventure with life satisfaction and, surprise, surprise, despite all the handwringing about "hookup culture," people who are open to sexual adventure tend to be more satisfied with… »12/13/13 12:57pm12/13/13 12:57pm

Tongue In Cheek: The Men Who Want This Sex Act Aren't Kidding

Brian, 30, had been with his girlfriend for a couple of years when he finally got up the nerve to pop the question. She said yes. "I took a shower. It was a Sunday. We smoked dope. Then, I got a good hour of just—you know," he says. "It made me feel like I was on Vicodin. Just. Fucking. Good." »11/19/13 5:27pm11/19/13 5:27pm

Beyond the Buyers Club: The Miracle Drugs That Tamed the AIDS Epidemic


For the first six years of the AIDS epidemic, the only advice available to patients was to wait. From 1981, when the first AIDS outbreak was recorded, until 1987, when the FDA approved AZT, the first antiretroviral medication, more than 40,000 Americans waited until their immune systems collapsed and their bodies… »11/01/13 12:41pm11/01/13 12:41pm