There's a Reliable Therapy for Sex Offenders -- But Nobody Wants Them to Get It


In June of 1994, a convicted child molester named Charlie Taylor moved into a small apartment in downtown Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, across the street from a community center. He had no family. He had no parole officer. At the time, sex offenders deemed too dangerous to be let out of prison early were, paradoxically,… »10/01/15 3:29pm10/01/15 3:29pm


Predators Site Redirects To Sex Offenders Site Because Of Troll Ex-Owner

It seems that Orlando's Arena Football team has been the subject of some out-going regime hijinks. The franchise was recently sold to David Siegel, CEO of Westgate Resorts, and around the same time as the sale was announced, the team's website began redirecting to Florida's website for tracking sex offenders. It was a… »7/17/14 11:53pm7/17/14 11:53pm

Sex Offenders And NHL Success: An Astonishingly Accurate New Metric

I'm not big on advanced stats in hockey. It's not because I don't think they're valuable, but because it's tough to translate the concepts to what I'm seeing on the ice. It's my own ignorance, yes, but for a new generation of hockey metrics to take hold, they'll have to be more relatable to the average fan. Like this… »3/15/12 11:35am3/15/12 11:35am