Are Your Sex Toys Safe?

The first sex toy Mindy Browning ever purchased was also the one she believes poisoned her. In an attempt to spice up their sex life, Browning and her boyfriend went together to a local couples' shop to explore different items. A bright gold dildo immediately caught their attention. Browning, 24, had read online that… » 1/22/14 2:57pm 1/22/14 2:57pm

Hey, Here's A Dildo That Is Also A Ceramic Jesus Figurine

How do you feel about the ceramic Jesus figurine pictured above? It's pretty nice, right? If you saw that figurine at a flea market, you would probably consider buying it for your religious grandmother. It would look great on her nightstand! You would just need to make sure that she never, ever turned it around. » 6/14/13 11:07am 6/14/13 11:07am