How To Sext Without Being A Creep

Welcome to Bro Rescue, a safe space where dudes can ask the questions they can’t (or maybe just won’t!) pose to their fellow dudes about relationships, fashion, family dramas, dating, existential crises, weird sex stuff, and so on. In our continued effort to help you attain adequacy, the Women of Deadspin (and some of… » 6/18/15 3:14pm 6/18/15 3:14pm

Should You Send a Lady a Dick Pic? A Guide for Men

Anthony Weiner is back in the headlines with new revelations that the New York City mayoral candidate kept sending pictures of his spotlight-loving penis (who one can only assume is nicknamed "Carlos Danger," because Carlos Danger is a great penis name) well after he assured the public that he was very sorry for… » 7/23/13 5:02pm 7/23/13 5:02pm