Women Harassed By Ex-Minnesota AD Come Forward, Call His Behavior "Frightening"

The two women who notified the University of Minnesota about Norwood Teague’s sexual harassment, including all those gross text messages he sent them, released a joint statement. Ann Aronson and Erin Dady say in the statement that they had intended to keep their names confidential and the university’s president… »8/13/15 5:46pm8/13/15 5:46pm


Report: Former Minnesota AD Faced Sexism Complaints Going Back Years

First, Norwood Teague resigned as the University of Minnesota athletics director after two university employees filed sexual harassment complaints against him for sending them incredibly explicit, and incredibly disgusting, text messages. Then, a Minnesota basketball reporter detailed her own experience being sexually… »8/11/15 12:36am8/11/15 12:36am

Listen To Sexual Harasser Isiah Thomas Lie About His Sexual Harassment

Here is a thing that actually, inarguably happened. On October 6, 2007, a jury found that Isiah Thomas sexually harassed a New York Knicks executive, who was fired when she told Madison Square Garden, the organization that owns the Knicks, that Isiah Thomas sexually harassed her. She was awarded $11.6 million to be… »5/06/15 12:10pm5/06/15 12:10pm

Read The Full Report On OSU Hockey's "Get Horny For The Puck" Ex-Coach

Ohio State's women's hockey coach, Nate Handrahan, resigned last week after an investigation found he had a history of inappropriate conduct, including sexualized comments, retaliation for anyone raising concerns to the administration, and telling players to "get horny for the puck." Today, Ohio State released a copy… »3/17/15 5:45pm3/17/15 5:45pm

Sext-Happy Former Toledo Running Coach Denies Sex Harassment, Other Claims; Former Runners Say He's Lying

On Saturday, Kevin Hadsell, the former director of the University of Toledo's track and cross country programs, sat down with a local news station for his first interview since our story about his departure amid sexual harassment claims. He was by turns defiant and penitent. He cried some, too, as he told WNWO's Will… »2/22/13 2:40pm2/22/13 2:40pm

"I'm Down For Drinks, Laughs, Sex": The Sexual Harassment Claims That Brought Down Toledo's Running Coach

It was a matter of rules and consequences, he said. On Jan. 24, Kevin Hadsell, the director of the University of Toledo's men's and women's cross country and women's track program, announced his resignation, a move that was as mysterious as it was abrupt. Hadsell had been at Toledo since 1998, and in the intervening… »2/12/13 2:45am2/12/13 2:45am