"Bleacher Report Is The Worst Thing In The History Of Journalism" Is The Headline Bleacher Report Would Write For This Story

The SF Weekly just published a massive piece about the Borg-like rise of Bleacher Report, and it is a doozy. The Weekly's Joe Eskenazi talked to a host of former and current writers, editors, and columnists to try and figure out how Bleacher Report became the third-most-read sports site in the world, a valuable… »10/03/12 10:07am10/03/12 10:07am

My Uncomfortable Encounter With An Angry Joe Morgan

In 2005, I wrote a story for SF Weekly about the now-unemployed Joe Morgan, who at the time was leading a proudly ignorant rearguard action against Michael Lewis's Moneyball. Joe and I met one Sunday before a Giants game and chatted for a while about the book (which he hadn't read). Joe got a little angry. Joe said… »11/09/10 2:20pm11/09/10 2:20pm