The Broncos Took A Smaller Trade Haul Just To Make Tim Tebow Happy

We learned two things about Tim Tebow and Jacksonville today. First, that he pronounces his hometown team's name "Jagwires," and second, that it's absolutely true the Broncos let him choose his destination. He chose the Jets, and the Broncos shipped him to Jersey, despite the Jaguars offering a better draft pick and more … » 3/26/12 3:15pm 3/26/12 3:15pm

How Tebow-To-The-Jaguars Fell Apart, And Why That's A Good Thing

Lots of amateur Darren Rovells got cranky last week when Tim Tebow went to the Jets instead of the Jaguars. They said the Jags had erred in not trumping the Jets' offer to acquire the hometown prince, who would have been good for attendance or jersey sales or something. Hogwash. » 3/26/12 2:50pm 3/26/12 2:50pm