We Figured Out How To Shoehorn Kim Kardashian's Shiny Ass Onto Our Site

All week, we've been wondering how we could get Kim Kardashian's large, glistening ass on Deadspin. She didn't make it easy for us, did she? She could've held a football, for instance. Or she could've scheduled a mountain stage of the Tour de France along her adductors. Kim did no such thing, however, and people who… »11/14/14 3:33pm11/14/14 3:33pm

Paraguay's Cellphone-Boobs Girl Robbed, Probably Shouldn't Have Shown World Where She Hid Her Cellphone

Larissa Riquelme—bust-out star of the World Cup, "owooga"-inducer, and cellphone-placement-innovator—was robbed by "bandidos" while vacationing in Rio, losing her cellphone, passport, and other "documents." More pictures, including where she's been hiding her phone Post-World Cup after the jump. »7/26/10 4:15pm7/26/10 4:15pm