Your Worst Nightmare: Shark Tank Breaks, Sharks Flood Mall

This went down in Shanghai last week, at a shopping center that happened to have a decorative aquarium in the lobby. The tank cracked, then shattered, sending water and fish and turtles and three lemon sharks flooding onto visitors. It's like that scene from Jaws 3-D which no one saw so I don't know why I brought it… »12/26/12 2:35pm12/26/12 2:35pm

Jumping 10-Foot-Long Mako Shark Makes Fishermen Completely Lose Their Shit

Contrary to its name, participants in the Flying Mako fishing tournament don't usually expect to see crazed, flying mako sharks when they try to nab top honors in this strictly catch-and-release contest. However, Alex Beck, Mark Martin, and Keith Langford (the cameraman) captured footage of a 10-foot-long mako shark… »7/27/12 9:15am7/27/12 9:15am

Great, It's Gotten To The Point That Great White Sharks Are Jumping Into Our Boats

Off the coast of South Africa doing a shark count in Mossel Bay, members of an Ocean Research team were chumming the water in order to draw their numerical prey in. It wasn't long before an 1,100-pound, 10-foot great white took it upon itself to get airborne in a successful effort to go aboard the boat without… »7/21/11 10:15pm7/21/11 10:15pm

Yao Ming May Actually Be Stopping People From Eating Shark Fin Soup

Hardworking team-player, all-around swell guy, and chronic injury victim Yao Ming has been campaigning for a while against the indefensible Chinese tradition of exterminating the world's sharks by finning the creatures and throwing them back into the ocean to die slowly so nouveau riche assholes can slurp broth at a… »4/28/11 3:05pm4/28/11 3:05pm