Shaun Rogers Had Half His Salary's Worth Of Jewelry Stolen

Giants DT Shaun Rogers used to make pretty good money. He got $20 million guaranteed from Cleveland just five years ago. But legal problems (stripper assault, gun at the airport) and health problems mean the 13-year-vet is playing for relative peanuts. Earlier this month, he re-signed with the Giants for a shade over… » 3/26/13 11:13am 3/26/13 11:13am

If There's A Gremlin On The Wing, Shaun Rogers Is Your Man

That gun in Rogers's carry-on luggage? It was already cocked, with a full magazine and a bullet in the chamber. Somebody's seen Passenger 57 too many times. [Plain Dealer] » 4/05/10 2:45pm 4/05/10 2:45pm

Shaun Rogers Almost Brings Loaded Gun Onto An Airplane

The Cleveland tackle was arrested at Hopkins International Airport today after he "forgot" that he had a loaded gun in his bag. Even worse, his shampoo bottle was well over four ounces. [Plain-Dealer/WOIO] » 4/01/10 4:30pm 4/01/10 4:30pm