Here's Footage Of Former WWE Wrestler Shawn Daivari Choking Out An Allegedly Belligerent Train Passenger

Earlier this month, we brought you the tale of ex-WWE wrestler Shawn Daivari choking out Levin Blair, an ill-tempered passenger who was allegedly threatening other riders on a Minneapolis light-rail train. Now, FOX 9 has the surveillance footage of the incident. Watch below as Daivari uses a rear naked chokehold on… »10/18/12 6:00pm10/18/12 6:00pm


Former WWE Wrestler Shawn Daivari Choked Out A Belligerent, Racist Train Passenger Until He Pissed Himself

Former WWE heel Shawn Daivari was able to play the part of a hero last week when he found himself on a train in Minneapolis with an unruly passenger. The passenger was reportedly yelling racist garbage and threatening others on the train, so Daivari decided to intervene. How did he intervene? By choking out the angry… »10/03/12 6:30pm10/03/12 6:30pm