Happy Girl, Sad Girl: Shawn Johnson And Dominique Moceanu Tell The Two Stories People Want From Their Sport

American coverage of women's gymnastics falls squarely into one of two camps: tales of plucky, lovable teens wearing their perma-smiles to the winners' podium, or exposés of the sport's seedy underbelly, of eating disorders, abusive training methods, of cruel coaches and broken bodies. It's either Nadia Comăneci's… »7/26/12 6:40pm7/26/12 6:40pm


Outstanding Acheivers In Beijing Not Named Michael Phelps

• I really can't stand to watch gymnastics more than once every four years. It's agonizing. There's such a clear disadvantage in starting some routines first, as Shawn Johnson did in the floor exercise »8/17/08 11:29am8/17/08 11:29am, only by Romania's Sandra Izbasa, who went last. It was Johnson's third silver medal in Beijing. • How would you…