Perjury Charges Against Shayanna Jenkins Officially Dropped

Aaron Hernandez’s fiancée, Shayanna Jenkins, was back in court today so that perjury charges that had previously been brought against her by prosecutors could be dismissed. Jenkins was originally charged with perjury following her grand jury testimony, but was later promised immunity in exchange for taking the stand… »5/15/15 10:31am5/15/15 10:31am


The Boston Herald Wrote a Racist Column on Shayanna Jenkins' Testimony

Aaron Hernandez’s fiancée Shayanna Jenkins took the stand again this week to testify in the former New England Patriot player’s murder trial. The Boston Herald wrote about Jenkins’ testimony in a column that I briefly wished was actually an April Fools’ Day gag, but it’s dated March 30, so here we are. »4/02/15 5:41pm4/02/15 5:41pm

Prosecutors: Aaron Hernandez's Fianceé Lied To Grand Jury 29 Times

Shayanna Jenkins was indicted for perjury in relation to the Aaron Hernandez murder case back in September. Prosecutors have since accused her of destroying evidence. And now, in court documents, the Bristol County (Mass.) prosecutor provided even more specific details, alleging that Jenkins lied to the grand jury 29… »12/03/13 7:05pm12/03/13 7:05pm

Aaron Hernandez's Girlfriend Accused Of Destroying Evidence

Shayanna Jenkins appeared in Bristol County court today, three weeks after being indicted for perjury relating to the murder case against Aaron Hernandez. Speaking at the hearing, prosecutors alleged that Jenkins actively disposed of evidence that could have tied Hernandez to the shooting death of Odin Lloyd. »10/15/13 4:56pm10/15/13 4:56pm