Tell It Goodbye

The Beatles played there, Pope John Paul II took a spin around the infield in the Popemobile, Spider-Man married Mary Jane Watson there, and one day in 1986 Bill Buckner rather famously had a ball roll through his legs. On Friday we asked you to send us your Shea Stadium memories, and you came through. Another… » 9/29/08 4:15pm 9/29/08 4:15pm

Time To Unleash Your Shea Stadium Memories

"June 14, 1987. Mets, Phillies. We're enjoying a beautiful afternoon in the right field stands ..." » 9/26/08 1:45pm 9/26/08 1:45pm One of the most famous Shea Stadium stories is fictional, of course. What can top Jerry Seinfeld explaining to Kramer and Newman? But you have real Shea memories, no doubt. And we want 'em. The final three regular…