Rasheed Wallace, Captured In One 56-Second Sequence

Perhaps lost in the action of last night's Knicks-Heat game was the sequence you see above. Nothing all that exciting happens in these 56 seconds, but they do offer a glimpse at just how wonderfully out of shape and unable to give a fuck Rasheed Wallace is. Let's break down his play in this nearly minute-long clip. » 12/07/12 4:45pm 12/07/12 4:45pm

Rasheed Wallace Just Got Ejected After 85 Seconds Of Playing Time…

And it was for the best reason. His first tech, naturally, was for shoving [UPDATE: More of a whack, really] Luis Scola. Goran Dragic went to the line to shoot his technical free throw. He missed. Sheed yelled, "Ball don't lie!", as he is wont to do. Tossed. He'd been in the game for 1:25. The crowd went wild.… » 12/02/12 1:45pm 12/02/12 1:45pm

"I'm 38 Years Old, Baby": Things Rasheed Wallace Said, Did, And Pointed…

Rasheed Wallace: lover, fighter, hilarious training camp invitee, and talker of the best trash in the NBA. On Tuesday, he yelled "Yeah, Aflac!" at Aaron Afflalo after Afflalo bricked a free throw; last night, he yelled everything at everybody after they did anything. Here is your courtside Sheed experience for a game… » 11/17/12 11:30am 11/17/12 11:30am