The Piggyback Bandit Has Struck Again

Sherwin Shayegan, aka the Piggyback Bandit, hasn't been seen or heard from since his summer star-turn, which culminated with this exhaustive account of his sad adventures by Grantland's Bryan Curtis. But earlier this week, Shayegan was back at it after a basketball game at a midwestern junior college, and police in… » 2/01/13 3:20pm 2/01/13 3:20pm

I Was Piggybacked By The Piggyback Bandit

The Piggyback Bandit, aka Sherwin Shayegan, is the bogeyman of high school sports. As chronicled by Grantland's Bryan Curtis, the 31-year-old Shayegan has spent the last few years showing up randomly at sporting events, pretending to be a player, manager, reporter—anything to get close enough to the players to hop on… » 9/24/12 11:05am 9/24/12 11:05am

The Piggyback Bandit Has Now Been Banned From High School Sporting…

On Friday we brought you an update to the story of Sherwin Shayegan, the inveterate piggyback bandit, who's spread his terror throughout the northern United States over the past several years. » 2/16/12 2:10pm 2/16/12 2:10pm

28-Year-Old Man Banned From North Dakota High School Basketball Games…

Last we checked in with the "Piggyback Bandit," a little over two years ago, he was terrorizing the state of Washington, lurking around libraries and gyms and stealing piggyback rides from unsuspecting athletes. » 2/10/12 3:05pm 2/10/12 3:05pm

The Prep School Piggy-Back Bandit Terrorizes Washington (UPDATE #2)

The developmentally disabled are a funny sort. Some can count dropped toothpicks and love The People's Court (those are fictional). Others are obsessed with mounting high school athletes. » 9/16/09 7:00pm 9/16/09 7:00pm