The Lingerie Football League Announces That It Fired "A Couple Crews Which Apparently Are Now Officiating In The NFL" Because Of Incompetence

After the Hall of Fame game in August, Mike Pereira let it slip that Craig Ochoa, the referee who worked that game, had been fired from the Lingerie Football League. The Lingerie Football League—which recently uprooted itself from its US host cities to barnstorm in Canada, the United States, and Australia over the… »9/25/12 12:43am9/25/12 12:43am


Yahoo! Sports' Mike Silver Had A Single, Five-Word Postgame Question To Aaron Rodgers: "What The Fuck Just Happened?"

If the mark of a good reporter is asking the question on the mind of each of his or her readers, Yahoo!'s Mike Silver nailed it. In the seconds after Seattle was gifted a Monday Night Football win by replacement officials, the prominent NFL writer approached Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers and asked, "What the… »9/25/12 12:40am9/25/12 12:40am

What In The World Just Happened At The End Of Monday Night Football?

This is the farce we've been waiting for. Packers-Seahawks ended with a worthless extra-point attempt after the scab referees initially just let both teams go back to their respective locker rooms, having awarded Seattle a game-winning touchdown as time expired. That's the play up there: a Seahawks Hail Mary with… »9/25/12 12:07am9/25/12 12:07am

Well, That Was An Enormous Disaster: Seattle Beat Green Bay, In Three GIFs

Green Bay, Seattle : Aaron Rogers was sacked 9 times tonight and only a few times did he do it to himself. There was a bizarre fight in the end zone when Greg Jennings was just tackled out of nowhere. No throw, no blocking, guy just tackled him for some reason and Jennings did not appreciate it. Seattle almost threw… »9/24/12 11:53pm9/24/12 11:53pm