Kentucky's "Perfect Season" Marketing Blitz Didn't Work Out

The thing with talking about (let alone selling merchandise hyping) a 40-0 season is that perfect seasons very rarely work out. It's exceedingly more likely that you'll lose, then everyone will point out the fact that you sold t-shirts, and you'll become a punchline. Like those shirts over there! » 11/15/13 4:47pm 11/15/13 4:47pm

Joe Flacco's Official Shirts Are Just As Boring As You'd Expect

As we've discussed before, there is something truly endearing about Joe Flacco's willingness to present himself as the most boring man in the NFL. And if you don't think he's embraced his bland persona, please look upon the shirts pictured above, which are now available for purchase at JoeFlacco5.com. » 8/27/13 10:48am 8/27/13 10:48am

Here's Jarron Collins Wearing An "I'm The Straight One" T-Shirt

Reddit user shreaderman posted this photo of Jarron Collins, brother of Jason Collins, who came out last month. Being identical twins, he now gets mistaken for his more famous brother, which can be a hassle when trying to get through airport security, or when he just wants to go out without getting hit on. (Jarron is… » 5/16/13 9:26am 5/16/13 9:26am