Sad Alabama Fan Shits Into Sidewalk Plant (NSFW) 

The Sugar Bowl is underway, and plenty of Bama fans have made the drive down to New Orleans, like this lady, who is shitting (we think—that two-point stance is a poopin' stance; at the very least she's pissing in there) into a sidewalk planter. Photo after the jump. » 1/01/15 10:17pm 1/01/15 10:17pm

Speech Competition Punctuated With Kid Blowing Chunks On Medal Stand

This happened at last week's Nebraska state speech championships, and we are so glad that it did. We don't know the identity of the kid fire-hosing the remnants of his turkey sandwich all over his hands and feet, but we do know that he is a hero. Because of him, we may now enjoy the world's first perfect photo. » 4/04/14 9:28am 4/04/14 9:28am

The Brewers Are Selling Awful Novelty Shirts

It's hard to put into words the feelings this Carlos Gomez collage stirs. Mostly, I feel shame, embarrassment, and a little anger. And sadness. Shame, embarrassment, anger, and sadness. We can probably include confusion, too. Shame, embarrassment, anger, sadness, and confusion. I feel these things for Carlos Gomez.… » 3/21/14 5:19pm 3/21/14 5:19pm

Nymphomaniac Has Repulsive Hardcore Sex And Is Made By A Crazy Man.…

Every Lars von Trier movie, deep down, is about how depressed Lars von Trier is and how much Lars von Trier hates himself, which is another reason it's amazing how gleefully deranged and entertaining each of his movies keeps turning out to be. He is the world's strangest guilt artist. He keeps finding new ways to make… » 3/11/14 5:44pm 3/11/14 5:44pm

World's Saddest Nets Fan Shits Into Urinal While Vomiting (NSFW)

The picture below the jump is not good. It is not good at all. It is probably something you don't really want to look at if you were planning on getting through the day without feeling queasy or generally disappointed in the current state of humanity. » 3/11/14 2:47pm 3/11/14 2:47pm