Reports: Rams WR Stedman Bailey Shot In The Head (UPDATES)

St. Louis Rams wide receiver Stedman Bailey was shot in the head tonight in South Florida while in a car with his family, according to a report from Mike Silver of and another from Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle. The reports indicate that his injuries are non-life-threatening. Bailey is currently… »Wednesday 12:31am11/25/15 12:31am


Vikings DT Linval Joseph Hit By Stray Bullet In Nightclub Shooting

Nine people were shot—including Vikings defensive tackle Linval Joseph, who was struck in the calf—in a Minneapolis club at around 1:40 a.m. Saturday morning. Two of the victims were described in serious condition, but are stable and expected to survive. According to the Vikings, Joseph was an innocent bystander to a… »8/09/14 3:39pm8/09/14 3:39pm

When Will People Stop Telling Other People To Stick To Sports? Today Is Not That Day

As everyone is aware, at least 27 people were killed in a school shooting in Newtown, Conn. this morning. Unsurprisingly, many writers and commentators who usually operate exclusively within the world of sports have reacted to this horrifying news by discussing the details or expressing opinions about gun laws or… »12/14/12 5:10pm12/14/12 5:10pm

Surveillance Cameras Capture Shooting After Argument Over Bulls-76ers Game

The video above was released by the Philadelphia police department tonight. It depicts what the police say is three men getting into an argument on the SEPTA El train about the Bulls-76ers game that took place in Philly on Wednesday night. The two men by the door of the train can be seen arguing with another man who… »12/13/12 9:47pm12/13/12 9:47pm

Why Jessica Ghawi Wrote Under The Name Redfield: Moving Stories From The Shooting Victim's Colleagues

Jessica Ghawi, Jessica Redfield in bylines, was by all accounts a likable, hardworking young journalist doing a hell of a job trying to make it in a tough field. We've all been there, which is why her death in today's Aurora movie theater shooting is being taken so hard by the sports media. »7/20/12 2:50pm7/20/12 2:50pm

Aspiring Sportscaster Among 12 Killed At Colorado Movie Theater; Last Blog Entry Was First-Person Account Of Eaton Centre Shootings [UPDATE]

Jessica Ghawi, who wrote and tweeted about hockey under the name Jessica Redfield, was among the 12 people killed early this morning when a gunman opened fire during a midnight screening of Dark Knight Rises in an Aurora, Colo., movie theater. KENS 5 in San Antonio received confirmation from family members. Ghawi had… »7/20/12 8:47am7/20/12 8:47am

Sheriff: Sweaty, Shirtless Man With Gun Stopped Near Scene Of Alleged Meriweather Shooting

The Orange County Sheriff's Office just dropped an info packet on our inbox. Some interesting tidbits in here. For one: Apopka police stopped a Dodge Stratus with four people inside a few blocks away from the shooting. In the car, the cops found a loaded Smith & Wesson hand gun "wrapped in a sweaty black T shirt… »3/10/11 7:20pm3/10/11 7:20pm

More Details About The Alleged Meriweather Shooting From The Victims' Attorney: "If It's A Scam, It's Elaborate As Hell"

John Morgan, the attorney for the two men who claim to have been shot by Brandon Meriweather in Apopka, Fla., called me back today to clarify those "doubts" he expressed on WEEI earlier today and to reiterate a few things — namely, that he's not saying that Meriweather shot anyone. He's not saying Meriweather did… »3/10/11 12:33pm3/10/11 12:33pm