Are NHL Teams Better Or Worse In Must-Score Shootout Situations?

Last week, the Panthers and Capitals set a record by taking a shootout 20 rounds, eclipsing the previous record (15) held by a November 2005 game between the Caps and Rangers. It was also the first time since the shootout was implemented in 2005/2006 that skaters were allowed a second attempt, which is only… » 12/22/14 3:29pm 12/22/14 3:29pm

I Wish That Panthers-Caps Shootout Were Still Going

The shootout is dumb and bad. It is a sideshow, a skills competition, a way to decide a hockey game that bears only the slightest resemblance to hockey. It is a poor answer to a question no one was asking. And yet, every once in a while, a shootout gets so absurd, so endlessly, deliriously bananas, that it nearly… » 12/17/14 9:35am 12/17/14 9:35am

​How The Long-Change OT Could Cut NHL Shootouts By A Third

The NHL General Managers are meeting this week in Boca Raton, FL, and one of the major issues on their agenda is how to increase the number of games that are resolved before a shootout. Currently, there are two ideas floating around on how to increase the number of overtime goals, and thereby prevent shootouts. Here,… » 3/12/14 3:42pm 3/12/14 3:42pm

Why Is T.J. Oshie So Good In The Shootout?

T.J. Oshie is on Team USA for his shootout prowess. This is no secret. The behind-the-scenes looks at the roster selection make clear that the committee ranked him behind other forwards like Brandon Saad on pure skill, but put him on the team anyway because he's deadly when going one-on-one with a goalie. The wisdom… » 2/20/14 1:34pm 2/20/14 1:34pm

Here's The Best Goal From The KHL All-Star Game, Which Had A Final…

The KHL All-Star Game was more notable for the NHLers playing—Ilya Kovalchuk and Pavel Datsyuk took part after getting permission from their American teams, even after Kovalchuk made comments casting doubt on his intentions to return to the Devils this year. (Lubomir Visnovky wasn't an all-star, but he's still not… » 1/14/13 5:05pm 1/14/13 5:05pm

Mats Zuccarello Is Really Good At Shootouts

The Rangers forward also has a great nickname: "The Norwegian Hobbit." But Zuccarello is quickly becoming known for his tricksy stickhandling and shootout prowess, going 5-for-6 in his two-month NHL career, including the winner last night. Sure, he's only got one move, but his lone miss happened when he tried a… » 2/18/11 11:10am 2/18/11 11:10am