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The Grossest Photos From The Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest

Joey Chestnut ate 61 hot dogs today to win his eighth straight Nathan's hot dog eating contest for the men, while Miki Sudo won the women's competition with 34. But we know what you're here for. You want high-quality photos of sweaty hot dog eaters in action, right? Hell yeah you do. You're welcome. » 7/04/14 3:30pm 7/04/14 3:30pm

Scenes From America's Triumphant Loss To Germany

A whole lot of people watched today's U.S.-Germany match, and we're not just talking online viewers or whatever the television ratings turn out to be. Legions of USMNT fans gathered on location in Recife, at the Fan Fest on Copacabana Beach, in D.C.'s Dupont Circle, in Cincinnati's Fountain Square, in Chicago's Grant… » 6/26/14 4:45pm 6/26/14 4:45pm

No World Cup Viewing Party Is Cozier Than Berlin's

Throughout the World Cup, fans will be watching games in a "World Cup Living Room" set up on the pitch of FC Union Berlin. The organizers, inspired by a fan chant about the stadium being their home, set up the grass with end tables, lamps, and it all amounts to one of the more special atmospheres I can imagine. » 6/13/14 1:05pm 6/13/14 1:05pm

Old Soccer Ball From WWI Battle, Photographed On The Same Field Today

Over on io9, there is a collection of recent pictures showing how the European terrain still bears the scars of World War I. One such image is of this soccer ball, which was kicked into no man's land during a battle between British and German forces in Loos, France and which recently returned to the battlefield with… » 5/26/14 3:11pm 5/26/14 3:11pm

Blues Fan Has Facepalm For The Ages After Toews Goal

A hearty thank you to reader Justin for pointing this out because it is wonderful. Look at this man who probably smacked himself in the face with such force that his whole section heard the thwack! Go ahead and expand this one to get the full experience, but don't stop there. There's a lot more going on around him,… » 4/26/14 10:05am 4/26/14 10:05am

One Shitty Moment: March Madness's Saddest Players (And Drake)

Just compelling as the faces of the victors in the NCAA tournament are the reactions of those who came up short. I say reactions instead of faces since most of the time, the losers try to hide their faces with their hands, jerseys, towels—whatever's available. Here are the best pictures of those sad players (and… » 4/08/14 4:01pm 4/08/14 4:01pm