The New DMCA Rules Don't Go Far Enough

Decrypting copyrighted materials is, according to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, an illegal act. Yesterday, the Library of Congress issued a set of exemptions to the DMCA’s decryption ban, which many outlets, including Gizmodo, hailed as “victories” and “big wins.” They’re not. At best, the new rules allow… »10/28/15 3:05pm10/28/15 3:05pm


Better Ways To Name Hurricanes, Ranked

There's a paper making its way around the internet today that puts forth that hurricanes that are named after women have been historically more deadly than those named after men. There's an appealing simplicity of stupid to this—people associate men with strength, and get killed by hurricanes because they don't see… »6/02/14 6:17pm6/02/14 6:17pm

In Sochi, Every Single Phone and Laptop Is Definitely Getting Hacked

Say you're going to Sochi for the Winter Olympics. You've magically found a hotel that's actually complete and not full of trash and construction equipment. Crisis averted, right? Not quite—because as NBC Nightly News' experiment shows, your computer or smartphone could be hacked in seconds in Sochi. Hackers will be… »2/05/14 2:30pm2/05/14 2:30pm

Your Baby Is Ugly. Deal With It.

You may tell everyone that your baby is basically the Channing Tatum of babies, a veritable Wee Helen of Teeny Weeny Troy, with a face perfect enough to launch a thousand tiny ships. Well, the gig's up — we know that you know, deep down, that your baby is the sort of baby the other babies would describe to potential… »7/16/13 1:39pm7/16/13 1:39pm

13 N.J. T.G.I. Fridays, Among Others, Busted For Selling Phony Booze

Nothin' like a scotch-on-the-rocks to make up for a hard day at the office. On second thought, there isn't anything like it if you aren't drinking at a T.G.I. Fridays (or an establishment of similar repute) in New Jersey. If that is where you drink your scotch, there is indeed something like it, according to state… »5/24/13 1:08pm5/24/13 1:08pm

"Absolutely Brazen" Woman Steals Two Police Cars In Two Cities In Two States [Updated With Photo And Video]

Florida? Ohio? Wrong! This one happened in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and in the neighboring cities of Camden and Philadelphia. It began with a cop in Camden making a routine traffic stop for a vehicle violation just before 10 a.m., only to have his unattended cruiser stolen by a man and a woman who managed to… »3/05/13 3:30pm3/05/13 3:30pm

Leaked Memo: How Texas Tech Could Craft The Image Of Its New Coach And Become "The Hippest School In The Game"

A tipster sends along the following email, which was originally sent from Stephen Spiegelberg, a Texas Tech alum and proprietor of Lubbock clothing store Chrome, to Joe Parker, the deputy athletics director at Texas Tech. According to the tipster, the message was bcc'd to a few of Texas Tech's regents. The email seems… »3/04/13 1:44pm3/04/13 1:44pm

How To Cook A Pot Roast: A Guide For People Who Want To Live, Dammit

Somewhere along the way, it got common to treat Christmas dinner like Thanksgiving II: This Time Without Turkey—like a big showpiece meal for which amateur cooks are meant to serve up some impressive exotic culinary masterpiece far outside the bounds of their humble repertoire of comfort foods. Take a walk through the… »12/22/12 11:00am12/22/12 11:00am

Chicago Man Stabs Bar Patron In The Neck, Throws His Own Shit All Over A Police Station

Having to go the bathroom at a bar is the worst. It always smells like piss and shit, everything is either soaking wet or sticky, drunk dudes always want to strike up a conversation, and sometimes crazy people jump out from the bathroom stall and stab you in the neck with a broken beer bottle. From the Chicago Tribune: »12/10/12 5:50pm12/10/12 5:50pm

Animated Infographic: Watch As America's Stadiums Pile Up On The Backs Of Taxpayers Through The Years

When Jeffrey Loria decided to once again blow up his Marlins, it sparked a brief outrage over the $500 million in public money that had been spent on the team's brand new stadium. These outrages happen every couple years or so and are forgotten in time for the next bond issue. Public financing of stadiums for private… »12/04/12 9:16am12/04/12 9:16am