The Twins Have Apparently Found The Real-Life Sidd Finch

One of the weirdest baseball stories of the year is about Brandon Poulson, a 24-year-old pitching prospect whom the Twins just plucked from the void for the price of $250,000. Nobody's ever heard of Poulson until now, but if the early stories about him are to be believed, he's basically the non-hoax version of Sidd… » 7/30/14 10:26am 7/30/14 10:26am

Dennis Rodman Recognizes The Importance Of Family

Your morning roundup for April 2, the day that the color starts returning to the knuckles of passengers and crew on Southwest Flight 812, the plane with a three-foot hole in its side. » 4/02/11 9:15am 4/02/11 9:15am

Where, Oh Where, Is Sidd Finch When The Mets Need Him?

As the Mets, just four hours away from their first playoff games, continue to wonder who the heck is supposed to pitch these darned playoff games — it's John Maine, by the way — our attention is turned to a reference we always find irresistable: Maybe Sidd Finch should pitch! » 10/04/06 1:15pm 10/04/06 1:15pm