Not Content Merely To Win, The Bruins Are Traumatizing Franchises

The Boston Bruins will welcome the winner of the Chicago-L.A. series to the Stanley Cup Final because of their utter dismantling of the Pittsburgh Penguins. In that series, the Bruins were able to stonewall a Pittsburgh team that won 75 percent of its regular season games and led the league in scoring by a healthy… » 6/08/13 9:06pm 6/08/13 9:06pm

Penguins Keep Getting Trolled, Can't Catch A Goddamn Break

It was bad enough that the Pittsburgh Penguins are getting completely, systematically dismantled by the Boston Bruins in the NHL's Eastern Conference finals, and that Sidney Crosby, who has been completely shut down for the first two games of the series, got trolled from afar by a random JetBlue pilot today. But this… » 6/05/13 12:05am 6/05/13 12:05am

Yahoo's Hockey Scribes Have Finally Cracked Under The Strain Of The NHL …

The NHL lockout is a man-made catastrophe with many victims. Montreal poutine vendors, Boston bar-puke moppers and Vancouver glaziers all stand to take a bath this year without the NHL stimulating the local eat/drink/smash economies. Even a third-rate alleged professional league such as the NHL keeps several dozen… » 12/22/12 9:50pm 12/22/12 9:50pm

Sidney Crosby Played Goalie In A Dek Hockey Game The Other Night

Had there been no NHL lockout, the Pittsburgh Pensguins would have had a travel day Friday after a road game in Boston on Thursday and another one in Winnipeg on Saturday. As it was, Sidney Crosby had some time to kill, and since Justin Bieber had already swagged his way through Pittsburgh, Crosby quietly put on the… » 12/18/12 9:55am 12/18/12 9:55am

Swaggy Bro Sidney Crosby Was At The Justin Bieber Concert Last Night

It didn't go well the last time Bieber Fever struck an NHL venue, as a Rick Rypien memorial outside of Rogers Centre in Vancouver was defaced. Wary of escalating tensions, hockey has dropped goodwill ambassador Sidney Crosby into the fray—Bieber's tour stop at the Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh last night. » 11/21/12 9:25am 11/21/12 9:25am

Sidney Crosby Can't Play In Europe Because He's Uninsurable

European leagues are lousy with NHLers staying in shape and making a buck (here's a reasonably up-to-date map), but there's a certain superstar who's nowhere to be found. It's not that Sidney Crosby has an overriding loyalty to North America, nor that he's super-optimistic about the lockout ending soon. No, the reason… » 10/31/12 5:47pm 10/31/12 5:47pm

Why Did A Pittsburgh Newspaper Remove A Reference To Sidney Crosby's…

Toward the end of a story published Monday about the Penguins' trade with the Capitals for goaltender Tomas Vokoun, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review did a roundup of the Pens' offseason priorities, including their upcoming negotiations to extend Sidney Crosby's contract, which expires after next season. But the original… » 6/06/12 8:15pm 6/06/12 8:15pm

Sidney Crosby Was Knocked Out Of Tonight's Game By A Puck To The Face

Poor Sid Crosby just can't catch a break. He can, however, catch a puck in the nose, as happened tonight at Nassau during the second period of the Penguins' clash with the Islanders. Crosby—just a few weeks returned from yet another lengthy tenure off the ice due to concussion symptoms—actually managed to return to… » 3/29/12 9:18pm 3/29/12 9:18pm

Let's All Get Wasted At Patrick Kane's Coming-Out Party

Sidney Crosby suffered a neck injury, we were told. It was supposedly separate from his concussion issues, and announced by someone with the ominous title of neurological spine specialist, but we were reassured that it was fully healed. Nothing about that terse Penguins release was reassuring. Crosby has been more or… » 1/30/12 11:20am 1/30/12 11:20am

Sidney Crosby's Brain Still Hurts

Remember when Crosby had to sit for two games because, in the words of Penguins general manager Ray Shero, he "wasn't feeling 100 percent"? That was three weeks and eight games ago. And today, Pens coach Dan Bylsma told the media Crosby continues to experience the symptoms of a concussion, which means there's no telling … » 12/28/11 3:30pm 12/28/11 3:30pm