Why It Took 90 Years For Women's Ski Jumping To Make The Olympics

The first measured ski jump was explicitly a show of manhood. In 1809, the story goes, a lieutenant in the Norwegian military launched himself 9.5 meters through the air "to show his soldiers what a courageous fellow he was." The sport that grew out of that jump was likewise a test of manliness—far too dangerous, it… »2/11/14 11:59am2/11/14 11:59am


First-Time Ski Jumper Flies Right Out Of His Skis, Falls Off The Face Of The Earth

Let us begin by assuring you the 11-year-old attempting his maiden flight here at California's Kirkwood Mountain Resort was not injured. OK? OK. So feel free to do exactly what we did: Watch this again and again while laughing your ass off with a clear conscience. I mean, just look as the helpless youngster flips… »2/26/13 4:50pm2/26/13 4:50pm

Watch, Perhaps, The Worst Professional Ski Jump Attempt Ever

We've all been there: You're sledding, you slip, the sled gets out from under you and all of a sudden it's rocketing down the hill and you have to walk all the way down to go get it. Sucks. Unfortunately for Daiko Ito, he was strapped into skis, he is a professional ski jumper, this happened in front of a home crowd… »1/20/13 10:40am1/20/13 10:40am