Mikaela Shiffrin Is Striving For Perfection

Mikaela Shiffrin's style is sure-footed and rhythmic. Like the best slalom skiers, she sets up her turns high. She thinks a few turns ahead. And Shiffrin—who in Sochi last winter became the youngest racer ever to win Olympic gold in slalom and who thus spent several days as a cheery, effervescent staple of NBC… » 12/02/14 4:29pm 12/02/14 4:29pm

Lindsey Vonn Is Just As Dumb And Humorless As Her Boyfriend Tiger Woods

Yesterday at The Players' Tribune, "Tiger Woods" "wrote" the dumbest fucking thing in response to a satirical, obviously fake piece that ran in a recent issue of Golf Digest. All Woods's blockheaded complaint did was alert the world to how much of a dense, robotic dolt he is, and now his girlfriend, Olympic skiier… » 11/19/14 12:32pm 11/19/14 12:32pm

NBC Wrings Every Last Tear Out Of Bode Miller

After winning bronze in the men's super-G, Bode Miller gave a post-race interview to NBC's Christin Cooper. She asked him about his brother, who passed away suddenly last year. He struggled through an answer. She asked him again. He began to break down, a single tear running down his cheek. She asked him again. » 2/17/14 9:00am 2/17/14 9:00am

8 Wild Ski Photographs, And The Stories Behind Them

Tero Repo is an award-winning photographer from Switzerland who has taken beautiful ski and snowboard photos all over the world. He has agreed to share eight of his best shots with us, and has added some of his own commentary to each photo. You can learn more about Tero and see more of his work at his personal website. » 2/12/14 3:33pm 2/12/14 3:33pm

Jam Out To Gold Medalist Tina Maze's Music Video

Slovenian downhill skier Tina Maze helped make Olympic history today when she tied Switzerland's Dominique Gisin's race time of 41.57, meaning both were awarded the gold medal. A historic moment such as this calls for a good pump-up jam, and Maze is here to give it to us. Please enjoy "My Way is My Decision," by Tina… » 2/12/14 9:57am 2/12/14 9:57am

Canadian Coach Comes To Rescue Of Russian With Broken Ski

A nice display of sportsmanship in today's cross-country skiing men's sprint semifinal, after Russian Anton Gafarov crashed early in the race and broke one ski. He awkwardly soldiered on, falling repeatedly, and it appeared as if he wouldn't be able to make it to the finish line in front of the home fans. Canada to… » 2/11/14 11:04am 2/11/14 11:04am