Weed Review: Will Beast Mode 2.0 Make You Feel Like Marshawn Lynch?

Did you know that a Seattle marijuana-delivery service is now offering a Marshawn Lynch-inspired strain called Beast Mode 2.0? It's true. So we got a local enthusiast to review it for us. Here are his (scattered) thoughts. » 1/27/15 10:36am 1/27/15 10:36am

Marshawn Lynch "Skittle Sausage" Looks Like The Worst Thing Ever

I want to be openminded about this, because I will eat pretty much anything. But the idea of adding a giant bag of Skittles to hot sausage seems as gross at that screengrab looks. » 1/27/14 5:32pm 1/27/14 5:32pm

Marshawn Lynch's Skittles Sneakers Give Him Superpowers

Before Saturday, no one had rushed for 100 yards against the 49ers defense, and no one had run for a touchdown against the 49ers defense. Before Saturday, nobody had worn Skittles sneakers against the 49ers defense. Correlation is not necessarily causation, but this time it totally was, say scienticians. » 12/26/11 12:55pm 12/26/11 12:55pm

Marshawn Lynch Likes Skittles, Eats Skittles, Gets Free Skittles

After Beast Mode went Beast Mode on the Eagles' sieve of a d-line, he retreated to his bench to taste the rainbow. This is nothing new for Lynch, whose sweet tooth grill goes back to his Bills days. His mother still buys him a pack before every game, and he talks about Skittles in the huddle. » 12/02/11 2:35pm 12/02/11 2:35pm