Fox Attack Victim Courageously Steps Forward With Harrowing Tale Of Survival

The identity of the Prescott, Ariz. fox attack victim has finally been revealed. Here is Michelle Felicetta, who agreed to step forward today so that her harrowing tale might serve as a warning to others who travel in fox-infested areas. We caution you that the details of her ordeal are not for the squeamish, and that… »11/06/08 5:30pm11/06/08 5:30pm

The Angryville Chronicles: Stories About Philadelphia's Ferociously Loyal, Amusingly Vile Fanbase

A couple of weeks ago, I asked for stories about people's worst Philadelphia fan experiences in the hopes that I'd be able to use them right before the start of the World Series. That worked out. As you may know, the Philadelphia Phillies are National League Champions (Woo-hoo!). I received many, many submissions from… »10/20/08 1:15pm10/20/08 1:15pm