What To Expect The First Time You Jump Out Of A Plane

The truth is, no one can tell you what skydiving is like, because it’s not like anything else. But with an unreserved recommendation that you try it yourself, maybe I can clear up some of the mystery surrounding the peripheral experience, so you’ll have more time to worry about your impending death. But let me tell… »9/24/15 10:21am9/24/15 10:21am


Does This Video Show A Skydiver Nearly Being Hit By A Meteorite?

In the video, you can see a small, dark object go whooshing past parachutist Anders Helstrup around the 29-second mark, followed by a slow-motion replay. It sure as hell looks like a rock falling from above the sky, which would presumably be space, but what do I know? A Professional Rock Guy, a.k.a. a geologist,… »4/03/14 4:42pm4/03/14 4:42pm

Skydivers Involved In Fiery, Two-Plane Crash Caught It All On Video

If two planes are going to collide mid-air, it's probably best that they're full of people who have some experience jumping out of them. Every single person involved in this collision in the sky above Wisconsin on Saturday survived because they were skydivers in the process of executing a jump. It's still scary as… »11/04/13 9:51pm11/04/13 9:51pm

Brian Cashman Looks Pretty Chill For A Guy Who Just Had Ankle Surgery

So it turns out that Brian Cashman's skydiving mishap from earlier today probably didn't result in him suffering a compound fracture. That's good, because compound fractures are gross. Cashman did end up with a broken fibula and a dislocated ankle, though, and he just got out of surgery for the latter. Thanks to what… »3/04/13 6:25pm3/04/13 6:25pm

Female Russian Skydiving Team Sets World Record With 88-Member Jump

Apparently, there's a women's skydiving team based in Russia called "Pearls of Russia," and each of them seems to be incapable of processing normal human emotions, including fear, tension, or sound judgment. Even more astonishing is that this wasn't their first or second attempt, but rather a third try at setting a… »7/24/12 8:55pm7/24/12 8:55pm

"Grinding The Crack": A Cool Wingsuit Video With A Questionable Name

The human-size flying squirrel in this video is named Jeb Corliss. He's a professional BASE jumper and a wing-suit pilot. You may remember him as one of the people who BASE jumped into the Super Bowl XXXVIII pregame show. You may not. Corliss has been permanently banned from the Empire State Building for trying to… »8/31/11 5:20pm8/31/11 5:20pm

Here's Some Extreme Footage Of A Skydiver's Parachute And Reserve Failing To Open

Near the end of this two-and-a-half minute video that the National Geographic Channel sent over in advance of Sunday's "15,000 Foot Freefall" episode of "The Indestructables," experienced skydiver Michael Holmes says, "Oh shit, I'm dead. Bye." Then, there's a really loud thud. Spoiler alert: He was wrong, but you… »7/14/11 11:30pm7/14/11 11:30pm