Victor Oladipo Sings Horribly, Throws Down Tremendous Dunk

Victor Oladipo, the living and sole justification for the existence of the Orlando Magic, entered tonight's slam dunk contest in Brooklyn to a hilariously off-key rendition of the theme to "New York, New York" before throwing down what turned out to be a pretty damn good dunk in the opening round of tonight's All-Star… »2/14/15 10:32pm2/14/15 10:32pm


LeBron James's Pregame Warmup Dunk Was Better Than Anything In The Dunk Contest

If you are an optimist who dreams of a better, more just world, then surely you have envisioned a world in which LeBron James participates in the NBA's annual Slam Dunk Contest. What would he do? An alley-oop, perhaps? A free-throw line jam? Or something really cool that we don't even know about yet? Here is your… »2/25/13 1:40pm2/25/13 1:40pm

And Here's The Inevitable Blake Griffin Kia Commercial

A lot of us really enjoyed the NBA Slam Dunk Contest last weekend, which brought back a little luster to an informal, if hotly debated demonstration of the sport's signature play. Well, the climax of the contest wasn't a contest at all, nor a schoolyard top-this played out on a grand stage. No, we were all watching … »2/25/11 5:00pm2/25/11 5:00pm