We're Still Murdering Sled Dogs

Earlier this month, in the middle of the 1000-mile Iditarod sled dog race across Alaska, a five-year-old husky mix named Dorado was left behind at a checkpoint. His musher, rookie Paige Drobny, decided he was suffering from sore muscles, and dropped him at Unalakleet, an Inupiat village on the Bering Sea. There was… » 3/21/13 9:35am 3/21/13 9:35am

This Year, Iditarod Mushers Will Be Peeing Themselves Mid-Race With The…

The Iditarod kicked off over the weekend, and it'll be more than a week before even the best mushers complete the race. That 1000-mile trek through the Alaskan wilds is tough enough, even without having to take bathroom breaks at rest-stop Hardees or pee off the back of your sled, giggling as the stream crystalizes… » 3/05/13 6:40pm 3/05/13 6:40pm