Most Popular Space Heater: DeLonghi Oil-Filled

Our space heater voting ended up being a dead heat, but the Delonghi Oil Filled 1500W Radiator ran the hottest in the end, figuratively. Oil filled space heaters have a slower start up time, but ultimately tend to be more capable of heating larger spaces, and retain their heat much longer after being turned off. »1/25/15 3:16pm1/25/15 3:16pm

West Coast NFL Teams Have A Huge Advantage In Night Games

You know one side of this by heart: Teams on Pacific time get slaughtered when they travel across the country to play an early game, and not only that, they are losers against the spread too. But there's a corollary that might be just as compelling: It seems that west coast teams annihilate east coast teams in night… »12/04/13 11:12am12/04/13 11:12am

The Circadian Advantage: How Sleep Patterns Benefit Certain NFL Teams

Imagine, for a second, that you are in a casino in Las Vegas. You have been in town for a few days, spent too much and slept too little, and recently found out the hard way that you are not as good at poker as you had thought. Now would be a good time to find a wager where the odds, like a tipsy bartender, are tilted… »8/14/12 4:00pm8/14/12 4:00pm