NBA's Christmas Uniforms Are Ugly As Sin

Last month, we saw the leaked NBA uniforms for Christmas Day—with sleeves? Sleeves?—and thought, hey, maybe they just seem bad because no one's actually wearing them. Perhaps they'll look better in action, on actual players. Nah. They look like generic unis for a movie set in the future designed to let the audience… » 12/25/13 4:11pm 12/25/13 4:11pm

College Basketball's New Zubaz-Inspired "Uniform Systems" Also Have Sleeves, For Some Reason

It appears that Adidas is not quite finished ruining basketball uniforms across the nation: today the company unveiled its new "adizero uniform system," which six college teams—Cincinnati, Kansas, Baylor, UCLA, Louisville, and the Notre Dame Doublemints—will wear for conference play in March. » 2/28/13 10:45am 2/28/13 10:45am