Ice Cube Had Some Not-So-Nice Things To Say About Dwight Howard

Ice Cube, a popular Coors Light pitchman and former member of NWA, is a big fan of the Lakers, so it's not surprising that he's not too fond of Dwight Howard right now. During a show on Sunday night, Ice Cube took some time out of his performance to talk some shit about Howard, and he did not hold anything back! » 7/09/13 9:35am 7/09/13 9:35am

Slim Thug Is Doing His Part To Get Dwight Howard To Sign With Houston

For a few NBA teams, the mad dash to sign Dwight Howard has begun, and the Houston Rockets have emerged as a frontrunner to land the free-agent big man. The Rockets already had Yao Ming and Hakeem Olajuwon do their part to get Howard to Houston, and now rapper and Houston native Slim Thug has taken to Twitter to court… » 7/01/13 4:41pm 7/01/13 4:41pm