When Do Umpires Mess Up Balls And Strikes Calls?

Baseball umpires are not immune to psychological biases, and it's an old adage of baseball commentating that strike zones get smaller when there are two strikes, and larger when there are three balls. In their Sloan finalist paper "What Does it Take to Call a Strike? Three Biases in Umpire Decision Making," authors… »2/25/14 2:08pm2/25/14 2:08pm


When Should Managers Pull Their Starting Pitchers?

"A Data-driven Method for In-game Decision Making in MLB" is easily the worst title of the eight Sloan paper finalists, which is a shame, given that it's actually an interesting application of machine learning that's directly related to one of the most important aspects of baseball game management. By "in-game… »2/24/14 4:32pm2/24/14 4:32pm