BBC Slopestyle Announcers Prove The U.S. Holds No Monopoly On Homerism

Coming into Sochi, the Great Britain national Olympic team had never won a medal on the snow at the Winter Games, going 0-56 in the events throughout history. That changed today when Bristol snowboarder Jenny Jones earned bronze in slopestyle. Her performance—good enough to put her, at the moment, into first… »2/09/14 3:20pm2/09/14 3:20pm


Shaun White Refuses To Ride Sochi's Dangerous Slopestyle Course

Here's another feather that we can take out of the Sochi Olympics' cap: After injuring his wrist while on a practice run on the slopestyle course yesterday, Shaun White has decided to pull out of the event altogether. This is the first time slopestyle has been included as an Olympic event, and it just lost the sport's… »2/05/14 10:07am2/05/14 10:07am