Here's A Bench-Clearing Brawl At A Men's Slow-Pitch Softball Game

This happened recently at the USSSA B World Tournament, which is another way of saying it's a bunch of old guys with beer guts rolling around in the dirt in Florida!™ » 9/16/13 10:22am 9/16/13 10:22am

This At-Bat Captures The Sublime Ridiculousness Of Men's Slow-Pitch…

Literally dozens of people came out to ASA Hall of Fame Stadium tonight in Oklahoma City to see the USA Futures defeat the USA National Team in a 38-37 win, decided on a tag out at the plate on the final play. However, the first two outs of the inning came when two players hit home runs, actual fair balls over the… » 6/27/12 10:35pm 6/27/12 10:35pm