If You Talk Shit About USC's AD, His Nephew Will Smarm Your Ass To Death

USC's athletic director, Pat Haden, has been taking some heat lately. With his school's football program still reeling from the Lane Kiffin disaster, Haden gave the head coaching job to University of Washington's Steve Sarkisian, whose career Pac-12 winning percentage is .539. Kiffin's was .586. Understandably, a lot… » 12/06/13 1:45pm 12/06/13 1:45pm

On Smarm

Last month, Isaac Fitzgerald, the newly hired editor of BuzzFeed's newly created books section, made a remarkable but not entirely surprising announcement: He was not interested in publishing negative book reviews. In place of "the scathing takedown rip," Fitzgerald said, he desired to promote a positive community… » 12/05/13 9:33am 12/05/13 9:33am

Rick Reilly's Column About Colin Kaepernick Is The Smarmiest Story Of…

The crux of Rick Reilly's latest column for ESPN.com is this: San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick should take steps to foster a relationship with his birth mother because Reilly's own adopted daughter has a healthy relationship with her birth mother. No, seriously, that's Reilly's argument, because Rick… » 1/31/13 10:40am 1/31/13 10:40am

Christine Brennan Continues Her Erin Andrews Smarm Offensive

USA Today's Christine Brennan went on Howard Kurtz's unctuous TV show yesterday and explained away her underminey Erin Andrews comments, emphasizing that she has "always been concerned about Erin" and somehow outstripping all her male colleagues in patrician superciliousness. » 7/27/09 4:20pm 7/27/09 4:20pm